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Monday, September 1, 2008

MTV's VMAs...Hated It!!! / Russell Brand...Loved It!!!

Wouldn't have guessed that this would've been the subject of my first post but it's the first thing that...uh...came up so here it is. I haven't enjoyed an MTV event special since they screwed up the Rock N Jock B-Ball Jam, but a few choice musical performances have made the MTV VMAs bearable. I guess the noticeable lack of popular talented artists and Britney's non-performance last year prompted MTV to get a host who could carry this year's show.

Russell Brand is apparently a somebody in Europe but more importantly he's a hilarious and likable smart-ass with an accent. I don't think it could get any better. To promote the show, which I still may not watch, MTV has been playing what would normally seem like between takes conversations between Brand and various MTV regulars. Odds are these clips will be better than the show itself, but I can't bring myself to doubt the skills of Mr. Russell Brand so I'll give this...two snaps and a pat your weave ladies (ok, i had to do it once, but no more). Loved It!!!

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