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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Law & Order...Hated It!!! / Raising the Bar...Loved It!!!

I initially overlooked TNT's 'Raising the Bar' as just another Law & Order/CSI/Perry Mason (for you old folk) type show. Well...it is...but it's a young show that's amusing and stars freaking Zack Morris. Who I, I might add, even as an avid 80's fan didn't even recognize in the commercials. It also has the angry mom from Malcolm in the Middle, who's still angry; and the resident token, Gunn, from Buffy's spin-off Angel who can actually be taken seriously on this show.

For those who don't have lawyer friends and haven't honed their ability to block out lawyer-speak don't worry, while the show does cite quite a few cases and decisions I only once found myself lost and glassy-eyed. Though I should probably attribute that to numerous conversations with my now 2L friend 'M.Lo'. If you're looking for a refreshing change of pace and style from the hordes of CSI/L&O reruns I'd give this show a try....Loved It!!!

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