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Nerdy Urkel...Liked It!!! Comic Book Nerds Are Hot...Loved It!!!

what can i say about abc's 90's hit 'family matters' except that i did get swept up in nerd fever (but not enough to make it to the final season, laura and urkel get married? negro, please..!) www.comicbooknerdsarehot.com is a few online friends of mine that put a site together for all our nerdy rants. nerdrage on tap...loved it..!

Public Sevice Announcment: Don't Read Mutant X!

17/08/11 Filed in: Reviews
So a few weeks back, I got this whim to read the 1998 Mutant X series based on the urge for some early Tom Raney pencils. I was on a mutants binge so I figured hey, why the hell not? I love Havok and this should be entertaining. Oh dear baby Jeebus how wrong did I end up being.. Read More...

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