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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Battlestar Galactica...Hated It!!! Stargate Universe...Hated It!!!

Oy vey! What have they done to one of my favorite shows. Turned it into Battlestar Galactica, that's what. I know I'm in the minority about hating the new Galactica, but i did. And the newest incarnation of Stargate is pretty much a clone of that show. They even have their own long-haired morally ambiguous Baltar. This first episode didn't even include a jump to an off-site world, no aliens, no distant human offshoots, no nothing. Just some whiny kids (strange how almost everyone over 30 seemed to die or be left behind). The shows Joe Everyman is the only redeeming quality but he looks so much like a plump Jason Biggs, its distracting. And wasn't Lou Diamond Philips supposed to be in this show, wtf? Figured this SG show would do for him what the original did for MacGuyver. But fuck if he didn't disappear before the middle of the show. Or maybe I just kept blacking out from boredom right before his parts. Stargate: Univerzzzzzzzzzzze...thoroughly Hated It!!!

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